Welcome to Grace Redeemed Me!

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I want to welcome everyone to this new blog, GraceRedeemedMe. This is my very first blog and the focus of this site to help others understand the grace of God that redeemed them from a life separate from our Lord Jesus Christ. I got the name of this blog, from my very own name. I thank the Lord that he gave my Parents and Grandparents the revelation to name me Anita Francine. My Name means Grace or Gracious one and Free or Redeemed One, How merciful and kind the Lord is too me, for my name speaks prophetically to the state of being that the Lord would bring me too. I pray that he will allow me to help others and to plant the seed of grace and redemption through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in their lives. Still, I must admit that I am a little nervous to allow the world to see me and to openly share my thoughts, hopes, feelings, and the struggles that I have been through and are still fighting. But this post is about the Grace of God and in order to help you receive that Grace I will be the first to take that bold step.

See what you do not understand is through out my life I have been told that I was not wanted, or loved. That I was stupid, slow, cant take care of myself and that I was going the wrong way by following my Lord whole heartedly (which in their minds proves my mental disability), yet the Lord said if you were all of these things, how is that you made it so far. What about the wisdom you have gained and all of the understanding that I have given you. As I write this and before I wrote this; I struggled with rejection fear and unworthiness……but I also remember that my Life is hid in Christ Jesus (Colossians 3:1-3) and that I shall fear no man but the Lord my God (Psalms 118:6, Matthew 10: 28). No matter what anyone says about me or about you remember when Jesus died and rose again and you made that confession of faith, there is no more guilt and shame, no more defeat, no more condemnation (Romans 8:1); for we are reborn by the Holy Spirit into Christ and can now come to the throne of Grace boldly and seek refuge in the Strong Tower that is called THE LORD OF HOST AND KING OF KINGS!

Today, the grace that the Lord has given freely is redeeming me from fear and self loathing and rejection. Let the Lord’s grace and Love redeem you also!

Grace Redeemed Me!


6 thoughts on “Welcome to Grace Redeemed Me!”

  1. Amen, I am so proud that you took the step to write your first post. Let God continue to use you and give you what he wants you to share with others.

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  2. Sister I am so very proud of you, and I am so gracious that God has placed you in my life. Continue to let your light shine, while the Lord uses you.

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