Forgiveness and You : Healing for your Soul


Today’s post focuses on forgiveness and how it affects your physical and spiritual health. Forgiveness is an action, that releases us and is a true benefit to us. Forgiveness, does not excuse nor exonerate the other party from what they have done to you or to your loved ones and/or property (livelihood). To Forgive will not downgrade your brokenheart, the abuse, betrayal , failed promises or lost. However, forgiving allows you to receive by grace the gift of Forgiveness by way of our Lord Jesus Christ, because you chose to forgive. It will remove obstables that has blocked yor heart and may have kept you ill with disease. Many Believers are sick with envy, hatred, bitterness and vengeance, through un-forgiveness and yet we would like and truly need the Lord to heal us of the infirmities that afflict our physical bodies.

Ps 103If you have carried un-forgiveness for a person all this time, did it change anything? even if you did “get back” at that person even by seeking legal means of justice did it change the hate, anger, bitterness, resentment that you felt? Did revenge truly give you peace? Probably not!  Healing comes from the inside, deep in the recesses of our heart (Proverbs 14:30). When  your heart is black with hate and you have a running tab on your “hit list”, how is your mind, emotions, decisions , relationships and health;  blessed, whole and clean?

God is a God of reconciliation; he does not hold grudges against us, but instead brings complete love, justice, healing, understanding and restoration.  I believe the Lord  is saying it is time to heal your heart. It is time for you to take the next step of faith and forgive as he has done for you. Once you release the people from your life you will see these things begin to take place:

  • Understanding
  • Release of and through your emotions: You will be able to smile again, have peace, speak with out hate and bitterness.
  • The ability to look forward to life and the possibility of your future without past burdens.
  • Hope Returned
  • The realization of Freedom from bondage.
  • Physical health: stress, depression and rest (ability to sleep) etc.
  • Joy and Peace

To carry un-forgiveness towards someone is not releasing them, it is actually counter productive in that it keeps you bound by your sin, for the Lord Jesus stated in Matthew 6:14-15 “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive; you:But if you don’t forgive people, your Father will not forgive your wrongdoing.“;  and so you are still bound by sin, and sin brings forth death in its completion.

Jesus bore our sins, his stripes healed us, and he set the captives free! Now, receive the grace of redemption through forgiveness and repentance and the Lord will release us from your captivity to sins and you will find that you are made whole, restored, and renewed by the power of the Blood of Christ Jesus!

*New Post on forgiveness will be posted for the next 3 weeks. Leave your comments or prayer request*

Receiving Grace, Living Redeemed!

Redeemed One


3 thoughts on “Forgiveness and You : Healing for your Soul”

  1. Grateful for you sharing this. I am trying so hard to stay the person I am and not hold hatred toward people so this really helped me today.

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