Why Didn’t God Heal Me?

I am reblogging this. I think many need to read this and find hope.

God Running

Why didn't God heal me?

So last post we saw my friend Mike’s miracle: how he had a heart attack but was healed. It really was remarkable the way things turned out. But when you read that post, you may have said in your head, “Yes, that’s great that your friend Mike was healed. But what about Christians who aren’t healed? What about Christians who have a thousand people praying for them, but then they die anyway?”

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4 thoughts on “Why Didn’t God Heal Me?”

  1. Hi Susan, I understand completely! I have been there and had to fight through many abuses in my life and they almost killed me. The first thing I would say is never say you “Can’t”, because “with God all things are possible”! It will take time but you have to be committed to moving forward one step at a time. A cancer patient does not overcome by giving up, they overcome because they want to live and will not allow a disease, which mutates them, forces them to live with poison in their veins, they loose family and friends and they are shaken to their very soul. Everything a survivor of cancer,planned before the diease comes crashing down and they have to make a decision to fight and live or to die giving up all hope. They same with rape. It effects our souls, our emotions, our will to live. A person takes our honor our hopes and dreams and leaves us as a shell of a person. If you allow the cancer of this rape to rage unchecked then you wont live, but you have to say, ‘NO! my former employers will not dictate my Life nor that man/men will not dictate my Life, I am a child of God and my life is hid in Christ’! This is a fight that is worth overcoming, and by saying you Can’t you are saying “I cannot allow the Lord to heal, I cannot trust God for myself, I will allow Satan’s devices to destroy me, and I will not do anything about it”! Fight my dear Sister, fight everyday. You are loved, you are not alone, you are an over-comer and the Lord will be on your side. Will you decide to fight or give in? I will hold you in prayer which is a tool of warfare in and of itself. I believe for you and I believe you will have life and life more abundantly, as Jesus said. Receive the Grace of the Lord and live Redeemed!

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