“Be thou strong and very courageous…..” Joshua 1:5 -9

When Moses died, The Lord came to Joshua son of Nun to command him in the way he should go. Joshua was going into the promised land and in that land flowing with ” Milk and Honey” there were giants. These giants presented an obstacle to the children of Israel, in that they were godless, warrior giants, spawned by the enemy and his devices. By going into this land Joshua and the Israelite’s were facing a different system of government and culture. They were supposed to get rid of all the giants and inhabitants of the land and dwell there. But the Lord commanded Joshua to be “STRONG AND COURAGEOUS”, three times he commanded them. The Israelite’s were and still are the Lord’s people and their nation was/is to be a light to the rest of the world, to lead them to God, to be a standard for the world.


Today, as Believers in Christ Jesus, we are facing a new era, new government, new obstacles and some obstacles are too big for us to defeat on our own. However, there is nothing that is impossible with the Lord. Even though many may call us intolerant, and call us hateful, we must not fall into the trap, but be strong standing on the word of the Lord and be courageous enough to share the love of God to the world. They might hate you, you might lose friends and family, you might lose jobs and businesses, but you must stay strong. The Lord says “do not fear man who can only kill your body, but fear him that can kill you body and soul in hell”. As the Church and Bride of Jesus Christ, we are to show Jesus to the World by our lives, not through hate and violence, but by sharing the word of God in Love to everyone. The Lord will bring Justice, vengence and redemption. It is not your job to force anyone to do anything they do not want too. Not even the Lord himself forces people to do things they do not want. He gave us all a choice of  “good and evil, life and death” and eternal salvation to all whom believe on the Lord Jesus.

Be strong and courageous, show your light, by speaking and stand firm on the truth of God’s word, do not compromise, put on the whole armor of God, pray always about everything and meditate on his word day and night. If we can do this, then many who are hurt, lost, confused, and abused may find the hope which is in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Love you all,

Redeemed One


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