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Hello once again Friends!

Life has been one big roller coaster ride this last year, but it has all worked for the good of the mission. The mission is reaching people for our Lord Jesus Christ. As you noticed when you came to this site to view this post, that the view is different. I have been hard at work to update the site, with new content coming soon. Not only is there a new, more focus site, but I have a great reveal coming in Feb. 2018!

Yes, Anita F. Morgan is now a published author, and I will be revealing the new cover of my book, the Lord has given me to write in just under a week’s time. I pray that this labor of  love will be a blessing to many in the body of Christ. Furthermore, I will be launching the new Grace Redeemed Me Ministry site, where all can come and learn about the bible, receive encouragement, give testimonies and send their prayer request and much more.

The new site will also highlight, various ministry events and ongoing work given to me and those who labor with me by the Lord, that you may know that the word of The Father is still being lifted up in truth in this world. Please pray for me and fellow laborers as we go forward in this season!

I will be posting on my adventure attending the True Legends Conference 2017 produced by GenSix productions, in Branson, MO. last year. That was a trip of faith so stay tuned. The Father had blessed me so much during that trip and my faith to step out into the unknown has grown tremendously. I hope the post will be a blessing to you all!

With Love, looking forward to greater works in Christ! Until then, Live with Grace, knowing you have been Redeemed in Christ, and Fight the Good Fight!

Grace Redeemed Me!


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