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Spiritual Warfare Refocused: Video Series

Good Evening Friends. As you know I just released my first book Spiritual Warfare Refocused: Preparing The Heart Of Man. The Kindle Edition is available for download on Here. I know most of you are still waiting for the paperback edition, and I assure you that I am 2/3 done with the proof-reading of the first copy so that we can get this to press.

Photo Copy of Book

However, I also promised that I would have a video series dealing with some of the subjects of the book and I have been working diligently at it. The first set of videos did not upload properly and the audio was non-existing upon uploading. So I had to redo the videos even though the ones I did on location were perfectly fine on my other devices.  The Introduction Video is now up. Listen I am not used to video taping myself or anything so please take it easy on a sister! 🙂

The videos are uncut and unedited (but the heart is there) and I hope that you all receive the encouragement, knowledge, revelation and renewed strength in your walk with Jesus.

Love you all, and may the peace of our Father in Heaven and Our Lord Jesus be with you.

Your Sister In Christ

Redeemed One


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