Spiritual Warfare Refocused Part 1: The Cost of War!

Fight The Good Fight.jpg

Good Afternoon My Friends. As promised the first video of the series, Spiritual Warfare Refocused The Cost of War is now uploaded. Part 1 of the video series takes it’s name  from chapter 2 of my new book Spiritual Warfare Refocused Preparing The Heart Of Man –  The Cost of War.

Part one of the video series and chapter 2 of the book deals with several realities of walking with Christ that we all must face. To often in our current church institutions, are the cost of spiritual warfare and walking with Jesus and many other truths are ever dealt with. And it is because of this many have become weak and disillusioned with our Heavenly Father, with Jesus and the whole lot of Christianity. Today’s gospel is not the Good News taught by Our Lord, but a system of religion and personalities, and when the people do not have all the health, wealth and prosperity that is always being taught, they simply walk away.

The lies of the enemy has crept into the Body of Christ, and has turned many astray and many more are under bondage’s of sin and demonic strongholds. People come to be saved and delivered and instead they are greeted with powerless Christians who have a godly form and no sword. There is no teaching of the principles of Christ that causes change and freedom in the people of this dying world and so the people perish because there is no knowledge.

However, there is hope! There are men and women of God true servants, of Christ that is fighting this good fight and are willingly laying all down to get the truth out there. It is my hope, that all of you who are reading this will hear and learn the truth, become stronger in your faith, have courage to stand in this post-christian world and raise up to be the salt and light of the earth!

Again, I beg your patience with my videos, I am still new at this, and I am not fancy like the other video makers out there yet, well I should say I need more time to polish up. I just absolutely need to get this out there, to whom ever will listen.

Please keep me in your prayers.


Love your Sister and fellow servant in Christ,

Redeemed One

You can contact me at:

Email: graceredeemedmeministries@gmail.com

Twitter: @GraceRedeemedMe

Facebook: Anita Morgan

Youtube: Grace Redeemed Me




Fight The Good Fight.jpg


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