Anita F. Morgan is an ordained minister, author and founder of Grace Redeemed Me Ministry in Michigan. Anita maintains a blog that seeks to educate, encourage, inform the people of God, through video, personal insights, biblical exhortation and various mediums.  She is a graduate of Destiny Christian University and has obtained her Master’s degree in Theological and Biblical studies.

Anita regularly ministers to the sick, elderly and shut-in, at various nursing / rehabilitation facilities in the Detroit and outlying suburbs and is working to begin visitation with those who are incarcerated to preach the Gospel and give the hope of salvation. She hopes that her testimony is one that will help others dealing with abuse (mental, physical and sexual), those bound in addiction and depression  find hope and freedom in Christ Jesus.

Anita’s’ heart is for spiritual warfare, healing and preaching and teaching of the whole truth of the Word of God. The calling on her life, is prepare and to help prepare the people of God during these end-time days.




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