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New Book: Spiritual Warfare Refocused: Preparing The Heart Of Man

Books & Resources It is with great pleasure to present to the Body of Christ, a new perspective on Spiritual Warfare! This work has been completed with great sacrifice and dedication and much prayer. There were many tears shed and lots of supplications, but the Lord has seen that this has gotten completed. Spiritual Warfare… Continue reading New Book: Spiritual Warfare Refocused: Preparing The Heart Of Man

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On A Mission

  Hello once again Friends! Life has been one big roller coaster ride this last year, but it has all worked for the good of the mission. The mission is reaching people for our Lord Jesus Christ. As you noticed when you came to this site to view this post, that the view is different.… Continue reading On A Mission

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FREE eBooks during the month of July — Dr. Matthews’ Blog

In today’s post Dr. Matthews shares valuable information for readers and authors. Not only is my newest eBook, Letters to my Angry Self a free download, but you can get a ton of other free books on Smashwords. Just for the month of July, I have also made my first two fiction novels #free. That’s […]… Continue reading FREE eBooks during the month of July — Dr. Matthews’ Blog

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James 1:5 If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. Why are we here? What is the point? Does life have meaning and value? These questions intrinsically reflect doubt. They implicitly challenge the notions that there is a reason for life… Continue reading DOUBT- WHERE WISDOM BEGINS — Rebecca Burtram


“Be thou strong and very courageous…..” Joshua 1:5 -9

When Moses died, The Lord came to Joshua son of Nun to command him in the way he should go. Joshua was going into the promised land and in that land flowing with " Milk and Honey" there were giants. These giants presented an obstacle to the children of Israel, in that they were godless,… Continue reading “Be thou strong and very courageous…..” Joshua 1:5 -9


Why Didn’t God Heal Me?

I am reblogging this. I think many need to read this and find hope.

God Running

Why didn't God heal me?

So last post we saw my friend Mike’s miracle: how he had a heart attack but was healed. It really was remarkable the way things turned out. But when you read that post, you may have said in your head, “Yes, that’s great that your friend Mike was healed. But what about Christians who aren’t healed? What about Christians who have a thousand people praying for them, but then they die anyway?”

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Making Time to Write

No more procrastination!

Dr. Dee’s Blog

Dr. Matthews addresses a common problem – time management. In today’s post, she focused on authors making time in their schedules to complete their writing goals.

Make Writing a Priority Make Writing a Priority

How many times have we said “I just don’t have the time”? Lack of time is not an excuse. Each of us has the same 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, and 52 weeks in a year. Not having time simply means that there is something else you have allowed to become more important.

Step back and take an honest look at where you spend your time. In reviewing your regular routine, what are your non-negotiables (the things you MUST do on a regular basis)? Prioritize those responsibilities. Hint: If you are a writer, writing should be one of your non-negotiables!

Many of us wear multiple hats, whether it is as parent, employer, employee, caregiver for…

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