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Step Up or Go Back: The Leap of Faith

As I sit here typing there is a war and a struggle going on in my mind and heart. My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak and my intellect is noose to Faith. This season of my life is the most daring that I can remember. That is because I decided to take the Leap of Faith, The Lord Jesus presented me with. I decided to walk the very words in which I preach to the people for the last 3 months. I decided to be obedient.

It is not easy to be here in this position, and if any of you have walked this path or are on it now, you understand this perfectly. You cannot explain to those who do have that relationship with The Father even though they claim to have one. You cannot explain it to those whose life is wrapped in materials or self-service, they will not understand it. Yet we; you and I must press on through the pain and the uncertainty of where we are going.

When the Lord has a purpse a mission, a job for your life, The Father will take us places where we have never been nor seen before. We will hear things that was never heard by our ears before, and even though we do not know what tomorrow brings… Faith! For without faith in The Lord Almighty we cannot please Him. Without trust in His Word we cannot live and move forward.

You may think I am rambling, but there is a story behind this leap that has not been told. A journey that was embarked upon many years ago and came to its culmination just last month. A test of faith, that is or will be presented to every believer in Christ no matter who they are or what they do. To give up, the very thing you believe that will keep you to follow Christ wholeheartedly. I believe that The Lord is calling the believer’s to live by faith, and to trust in Him more than ever. This is not easy to do, to shun the ideals of the world and to follow after Christ Jesus and walk that narrow walk.

The question is, will you take the leap? Will you finally stop fighting The Lord in obedience and fulfill the call upon your life, no matter what the cost? Faith Leaps are not meant to be easy, but with Jesus Christ, He will not allow you to fall. A leap season will stretch you, grow you, teach you and prepare you for the challenges The Lord will have you face in your ministry.

When you take that Leap of Faith you will be surprised at the courage that you have in your heart. Take the road that is lest traveled; The Father is traveling with you!


Your Sister and Fellow Servant in Christ,

Redeemed One.

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