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New Book: Spiritual Warfare Refocused: Preparing The Heart Of Man

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It is with great pleasure to present to the Body of Christ, a new perspective on Spiritual Warfare! This work has been completed with great sacrifice and dedication and much prayer. There were many tears shed and lots of supplications, but the Lord has seen that this has gotten completed.

Spiritual Warfare Refocused: Preparing The Heart Of Man, deals with not attacking Satan our great enemy, but attacking the GREATEST enemy of man… man himself/herself. This book is written to prepare the people of God in this end times and to encourage us all to a real and intimate relationship with The Father. We need to be the unique and holy people of  God as he told us to be, to walk as lights in this world and to be the standard of righteousness in an evil world.

It is not popular to be holy in this world, however the Lord our God is raising up a people, who will not compromise nor love their lives to save it, just to be apart of this world. He is raising up a bold, courageous, righteous, faithful people; who’s greatest hope is in the Return of the King Jesus – our salvation!

As a promotion for Spiritual Warfare Refocused, I will be uploading several short videos, with insights on the writing process, inspiration, and commentary on several subjects dealt in the book. My hope is not just for this book to be successful, but to be successful in strengthening the Body of Christ.

Stay tuned, as more updates will follow on this site, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

What a journey this is. I could only dream for years, but now the dream is a reality. Trust the Lord and depend on him family. He will help you!


Grace Redeemed Me

“Saved by Grace, Living Redeemed!”


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